Lichtenberger and Pedersen Playground Revitalization

Two Elk Grove parks within Laguna Benefit Zone 1 are being renovated and improved! The playgrounds and surrounding areas at both Lichtenberger Park and Pedersen Park will be closed while renovations take place. By midsummer 2022, these two parks will have a new look with many refreshing new amenities!


Park Planning Phases

Park Planning Process: Grand Opening

Current Status: Grand Re-opening


Concept drawing of Lichtenberger Park playground revitalization with restroom rendering

Lichtenberger Park

Lichtenberger Park (6615 Kilconnell Drive) is a 15.5-acre park built in 1992, making the playground 30 years old. Planned renovations will include replacing and enlarging the playground and providing play equipment suitable for both 2-to-5 and 5-to-12 age groups. In addition, two new shade shelters, picnic tables, benches and a barbecue will be part of the project. A bocce ball court will be constructed along with a new restroom building, fitness station, and an area to play cornhole.

3D rendering of new 5 to 12 year old playground at Pedersen Park

Pedersen Park

Pedersen Park (5520 Laguna Oaks Drive) is a 5.8-acre park also built in 1992. Planned renovations include replacing the existing play structures with updated equipment and new swings. An entirely new larger play area will be built for children 5-to-12 years in age with an energizing new zip line. New picnic tables, benches, concrete walkways and a shade shelter will be added to provide areas for picnicking, as well as new bike racks and an updated park sign.