Rotary Grove Picnic Area Revitalization

The Rotary Grove picnic area located within Elk Grove Park (9950 Elk Grove Florin Road) is scheduled for renovation. The original shade structure was constructed by the Rotary Club of Elk Grove and was in need of repairs after the wood weathered and the structure was removed. Together, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Elk Grove, we have developed a design for a revitalized picnic area to enhance the usability of the space. In 2024, the Rotary Grove picnic area will have a new look and be reopened to the public.


Park Planning Phases

Current Status: Construction

Proposed Schedule

  • Construction Start: May 2023
  • Grand Opening: April 2023


Rotary Grove_plan

Rotary Grove Concept Plan

A Concept Plan was developed through collaboration with the Rotary Club of Elk Grove to illustrate proposed improvements to the picnic area. Two new shade structures will be installed with new picnic tables and bench seating. The Wall of Honor will be reconstructed in a new format at the main entrance of the picnic area. In addition, a loading zone will be constructed to increase the ease of renting this space for large events. New barbecues with prep tables will also be installed with all new concrete paving.

Wall of Honor

The Rotary Club of Elk Grove will have a newly constructed wall of honor located at Rotary Grove. The wall is designed to honor members who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the club and its mission of Service.

Rotary Club of Elk Grove Wall of Honor


A Joint Venture By:

Cosumnes CSD