Beeman Park Revitalization

Beeman Park, located at 8830 Sharkey Ave, will be undergoing a revitalization. This 3.5-acre park was originally built in 1983 and is ready for an update.


Park Planning Phases

Park Planning Linear Timeline

Current Status: Design


Beeman Park Concept Plan

Concept Plan

The Beeman Park Concept Plan has been developed based on public input from the community surrounding the park. We would love to receive your feedback. Please send in your comments by March 7, 2024.

Public Engagement

Two community outreach meetings were held in early 2024 where many community members participated in a park design session. Valuable input was gathered at both meetings. The following resulted from these events:

Community Input Results

RankExisting Park Concern
#1Play Structure
#3Barn Removal
#4Overgrown Vegetation
#5Eucalyptus Trees
RankNew Park Amenity
#1Play Equipment
#2Shade Structure
#4Adult Fitness Equipment
#5Walking Trail