Home Safety Surveys

Upon request, your home will be inspected for any conditions that may be considered a fire or life safety hazard. These inspections will be tailored to fit your family’s specific situation. 

No Cost or Fines

There is no cost for the Home Safety Survey Program and no fines are assessed if any hazardous or dangerous conditions are found. Request a Home Safety Survey

Eligible Residents

This program is for all residents in the Cosumnes Fire Department District. 

Survey Findings & Goals

The survey will provide a safety record for the homeowner. This public education program aims to encourage life safety, prevent fires, prevent injuries and improve occupant awareness of existing conditions and hazards. 

Personnel will assess your home’s general safety and vulnerability to fire by asking questions about: 

  • Fire escape plan and exit drills in the home
  • Safe storage of flammable materials 
  • Smoke alarm placement and maintenance

If there are children in the home, the Survey Team will also discuss: 

  • Proper storage of medicines, cleaning fluids, and sharp objects 
  • Window blind and drapery cords safety tips
  • General safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries

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