Vial of Life

Firefighter educating a citizen about the vial of life program

Emergencies are unplanned events, but you can be prepared with help from the Vial of Life program. 

The Vial of Life program was developed for older adults, those who have a history of illness, and people who routinely take special or prescription medications.

Vial of Life

Help Paramedics Access Important Information

During a medical emergency, paramedics often look for the patient’s medications to assist them in determining a course of action, particularly when a patient is unconscious. 

Placing the Vial of Life with your medications will help paramedics find important information quickly.

Vial of Life Program Components

Vial of Life program includes a large medicine vial container and a one-page form. The form asks each person to complete sections about their medical history, allergies, medications and emergency contacts. 

Additional copies of medical documents such as DNR (do not resuscitate) orders may also be added to the vial.

Vial of Life Form

Download the Vial of Life Form (PDF)

Where to Get Your "Vial of Life" Kit

Vial of Life kits are free and available at any of the following locations:

How to use your "Vial of Life"

  • Print or type your medical information on the form provided.
  • Place the form into the Vial of Life container.
  • Place the Vial of Life container where you store your medications.

Notes About Vial of Life

  • Do not place any medications in the Vial of Life container.
  • Your Vial of Life container should only contain medical information. 
  • The Vial of Life program is a free life safety preparedness program coordinated by Cosumnes Fire Department.