Partners for Parks

Partners for ParksProgram Description

Volunteers play an important role in helping maintain the Cosumnes CSD park system. 

With over 100 parks and miles of streetscapes, it is a monumental challenge for staff to visit each park every day. 

Volunteers, known as Partners for Parks, become the "eyes and ears" for the District. Their efforts allow the District to respond to issues in a timely manner.

What do Partners do?

Our Partners frequent their neighborhood parks and report any problems or concerns to Park Operations staff. Partners are given a list of duties which help them keep our parks safe and beautiful for the community. These duties include notifying staff about graffiti, tree problems, landscape issues, or safety concerns.

How to Become a Partner

How to Report Park Maintenance Issues

Include specific information (e.g, pictures, bench locations, light pole numbers, location of sprinklers, etc.), your contact information and state you if you are a Partner for Parks. 

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