Town Square Park Revitalization

Town Square Park is a 6.2-acre neighborhood park located at 3020 Renwick Avenue in the West Laguna Neighborhood (Benefit Zone 4). This park is undergoing a revitalization with many amenity upgrades.


Park Planning Phases

Park Planning Linear Timeline

Current Status: Construction

Proposed Schedule

  • Construction Start: February 2023
  • Construction End: Early 2024 (pending weather delays)
  • Plant Establishment Period: 30 Calendar Days
  • Park Re-opens to the Public: Spring 2024


Design Workshop

A design workshop was held on October 24, 2019 to discuss and review the design proposal for the revitalization and upgrade of Town Square Park.

As a result of the feedback received from participants at the park design workshop and online comments received during the community outreach process, the conceptual plan has been modified to include a basketball court.