Business & Public Affairs

The Business & Public Affairs Division oversees cross-departmental functions that support the entire Cosumnes Community Services District. 


The Communications section includes graphic design, communications, and marketing. The section works with District staff to develop and implement marketing campaigns for programs, events, and activities. The section assists with public relations, media relations and publicity for the entire District. Visit Media & Public Relations for more information.

Information Technology

The Information Technology section is responsible for the District’s technology systems including: computers, servers, enterprise software applications, information security, policies, procedures, and assisting staff to more efficiently utilize District resources. Also, Information Technology is responsible for development and maintenance of cloud applications including the District’s GIS website and on-line registration for recreation programs. IT executes and sustains vital District services through business solutions and cyber security.

Risk Management

The Risk Management section is responsible for protecting District employees, as well as mitigate risk and exposure of the district and public through effective loss prevention, claims administration, and risk financing. Risk Management works closely with District departments to identify and manage risk associated with activities and projects to reduce the chance of loss and create greater financial stability. This section administers Workers’ Compensation and liability insurance programs, safety training and compliance, and contract review.