When can I register my child for preschool?
Preschool registration for Returning Students and Siblings takes place in January. Siblings of a
former/current preschool student living in the 95624, 95757, or 95758 zip codes have priority, provided that a sibling priority registration form has been completed and submitted by the due date along with all fees. Preschool registration for new students begins in March. (Exact dates can be found in the Winter/Spring Activity Guide, published in December.) You may register online, in person, mail or fax in a registration form.

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1. When can I register my child for preschool?
2. How do I get a sibling priority form?
3. My child is in the Toddler Time class. Does he/she get priority for preschool?
4. My child is in the 3 year old program. Will he/she get priority for the 4 year old program?
5. Where do I make my preschool tuition payments?
6. Does my child have to be toilet trained for preschool/Toddler Time?
7. If I need to drop my child from preschool, will I be refunded my last month's tuition payment,which is paid prior to the start of school?