Any other general information I need to know?

•Rentals involving fees for participation, selling of commodities, amplified music (e.g. live bands or DJ setups), entertainment attractions (e.g. bounce houses, climbing walls), or sales of food and alcohol may be considered Special Events rather than Picnics. Special Events are subject to a different approval process and require a minimum of 90 day’s notice. •Park staff is not available for loading and unloading any type of equipment. •All equipment used during the picnic site rental must be removed from the site during the time allotted in the rental contract. The CSD is not responsible for damage or theft of items left by the rental party or services contracted by the rental party. •Portable toilets (porta potties) can be provided for an additional fee and must be arranged through the CSD. CSD staff will assist in placement of the porta potties. Placement will be made as close to the site as possible without causing damage to CSD property. CSD staff will not prevent the use of the units by the public. •The CSD reserves the right to cancel all activities if the activities differ from what is stated in the rental application and / or the renter does not meet contractual terms, the rental will be cancelled without a refund. •Dogs must be on leashes and kept with owners at all times. Dog owners are required to immediately clean up after their dogs. •The renting party is responsible for securing and posting all required licenses / permits. •Sub-leasing to another individual or party is strictly prohibited. •CSD District properties, including picnic sites, are regulated under Ordinance No. 15. Copies are available on the CSD website at •Available parking is not guaranteed and may be limited. •Security may be required for events held at any CSD facility or CSD outside rental space. The rental party will be notified of security charges upon contract signing. •All trash must be placed in receptacles provided. The CSD will provide additional trash liners if needed. •A minimum of one adult must be at your booked site no later than 11:30 am. Reservations cannot be guaranteed after that time, if nobody is at your site by 11:30 am the reserved picnic site will be released. •In the event of undesirable weather, including park closures, the CSD will not be responsible for the interruption to the event. The CSD reserves the right to close a park or facility due to unsafe conditions or inclement weather.

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