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Naming of District Parks

  1. A Future Park Graphic Containing Photos of Park Location
  2. Cosumnes CSD Park Naming Nomination Form

    Cosumnes Community Services District is now accepting nominations for two future parks in Elk Grove. The name could celebrate the natural environment, call attention to points of pride in the community, or to people, events and geography that have shaped Elk Grove. Learn More

    If you would like to submit a nomination, please review the information listed below.

  3. DEADLINE: 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 4, 2023
  4. A Complete Nomination Includes:
    1. Nomination form
    2. Narrative to support the proposed name (2 pages maximum)
    3. Letter(s) of support (3 maximum)
    4. Optional: Supplemental documentation which may include newspaper articles, listing of accomplishments, and/or affiliations, resumes, photos, etc. (5-page maximum)

    Incomplete nomination packets will not be considered.

  5. Naming Guidelines:

    The Naming Committee will give particular attention to the following:

    • Names that represent broad community principles which enhance the values and heritage of Elk Grove and will be compatible with community interest.
    • Names that recognize a geographical, historical, or ecological relationship indigenous or of significance to the region.
    • Names that honor an individual or family who has provided exceptional, long-term contributions or service to the District or community.
    • Names with connotations that, by contemporary community standards, are derogatory or offensive will not be considered.
    • If nominating an individual/family name, the individual/family needs to approve before completing this submission form.

    See the complete Criteria for Nominations.

  6. Step 1: Nomination Form
  7. Proposed name to honor:*
  8. If nominating an individual, group, or family, please provide their current address:
  9. If honoring a historical family or individual, please provide their past address:
  10. I have received approval from the nominee or their family to submit their name for consideration.
  11. Step 2: Narrative (Required)

    Describe the significant, long-term contributions the nominee has accomplished demonstrating service and commitment to the health and wellness or quality of life in Elk Grove; or describe the significance of the historical, geographical, or ecological resource. Two-page maximum.

  12. Step 3: Letters of Support (Required)
    Provide letters of support for your nomination. You may upload each letter individually or as one file. Three letters maximum.
  13. Step 4: Supplemental Documentation (Optional)
    Provide supplemental documentation which may include newspaper articles, listing of accomplishments, and/or affiliations, resume, photos, etc. You may upload each page individually or as one file. A total of five pages maximum of supplemental information.
  14. Contact Information of Person Submitting Nomination:
  15. Thank You

    Please click the Submit button below to complete your application. The naming process will take 3 to 6 weeks after applications have closed. If you have any questions, please contact Anna Hooper at (916) 405-5300.

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