Pull To the Right

An ambulance races down the highway with emergency lights flashing.

The Cosumnes Fire Department reminds motorists that the law requires they pull to the right-hand curb to allow emergency vehicles to pass. 

Failure to do so can cause serious accidents or delays in ambulances, fire engines, and fire trucks arriving at the scene of an emergency. 

It is also a violation of the California Vehicle Code if you do not yield the right of way to emergency vehicles.

What To Do if You Hear Sirens or See Red Lights

  • Pull to the right side of the road and stop when you hear sirens or see red lights. 
  • If you are already stopped at an intersection, move to the right if possible. Look first before moving. If there is no place to move, sit tight. 
  • If you are a pedestrian and hear sirens, stay on the curb. Do not step into the street, even after the emergency vehicle has passed. There may be more following at a distance. Keep children close to you. They may try to dart out to see the fire truck or ambulance.
  • When coming upon an emergency scene, move to the lanes farthest from the accident and slow down. First responders, equipment and vehicles may still be moving around the scene clearing traffic, providing medical aid, and documenting information. Drive with care.