Privacy Statement

Purpose of District Website

The purpose of the Cosumnes Community Services District (District) website is to provide non-editorial content that will inform and educate visitors of the website about the functions, services, activities, issues, operations and projects of the District. All departments in the District may post information regarding their mission or the services offered.

The District supports the use of technology to enhance communication, further District and department goals, encourage civic engagement, and increase operational transparency. While committed to applying technology to improve access to information, the District is committed to protecting users’ online privacy.

This Privacy Statement sets forth the District’s policies and practices regarding the gathering and use of users’ information obtained through the District’s website, how the District protects users’ privacy, and when information gathered from the website may be disclosed. The District’s mobile app is an extension of the District’s website and therefore this Privacy Statement, which is incorporated into the District’s Terms of Use, also apply to information gathered and obtained through the mobile app.

Collection of Information

The District collects information that may be used for analysis and statistical purposes, for example to perform analyses of user behavior and to measure user interest in various areas and pages on the website, in order to help the District manage the District’s website and content. Information collected automatically for these purposes may include a user’s internet domain name and technical internet protocol data, date and time of the user’s access to the website, and pages visited. This information may be used with third-party software like Google Analytics to aggregate the data for analysis and statistical purposes; this information is not disclosed to third persons other than as required by law. The District does not track or record information about particular individuals and their site visits. District staff can only see, and only uses, aggregate data from all users for a particular time period. The District does not include personally identifiable information in disclosing any consumer information in aggregate form for analysis.

Interactive Forms and Functions

The District collects personally identifiable information that is knowingly and voluntarily provided by users when using interactive forms and applications. This information may include names, physical addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal and business data that is related to and necessary to provide the services requested.

Any personally identifying information that is provided by a user on the District website, such as filling out a form or submitting a question or comment, may be used by the District to respond to the user’s request or inquiry, to provide or deliver the services requested, and for analytical purposes.

If a user has subscribed to a list to receive periodic notifications from the District (email and/or text message), the user will only receive notifications for the lists for which he or she subscribed. By subscribing to use notification list services, the user is agreeing to receive those notifications and is granting the District permission to use the contact information provided to send periodic e-mails or text messages about the topics for which the user subscribed. The District does not sell contact information for direct mail or advertising purposes.

Third Parties Websites and Applications

Public agencies such as the District are governed by the California Public Records Act (Cal. Gov. Code § 6250 et seq.). Information that is received by the District through the District website is subject to the same statutory provisions as information submitted to the District on paper. The District may make certain disclosures of information as required by and in compliance with the District’s statutory obligations under the Public Records Act. The District may disclose to third parties certain information in summary form, statistical analysis or user demographics, in accordance with applicable law. The District may disclose personally identifiable information provided by a user as legally required in connection with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings.

Except as specified above, the District does not share personally identifying information, including e-mail addresses, with any third party without prior permission. The District does not sell data for direct mail or advertising purposes.

Social Media

The District uses social media to serve as a mechanism for communication between the District and members of the public. However, social media is not the primary method of communication with the District, and any notices or requests for District services must be made via official communication methods identified on the District’s website, or by traditional methods of notification recognized by the District, and no comments or posts on social media will be construed as providing notice to the District of any claim, deficiency, dangerous condition, request, or otherwise.

Any comments or other content posted or submitted on social media for posting, as well as personally identifying information that may be available regarding the District’s social media users and visitors, and its list of fans, may be public records subject to disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act (Cal. Gov. Code § 6250 et seq.). Any comments or other content posted or submitted on the District’s social media site by users other than the District are not and shall not be construed as endorsed or controlled by the District, and do not reflect the official viewpoints or opinions of the District.

Each social media platform may contain its own privacy policy and terms of use, and this Privacy Statement does not replace or substitute any other privacy policy or term of use that may apply to a user’s use of social media to interact with the District. The privacy guidelines for approved social media platforms are linked to the right of this privacy statement.

Registration, Survey, Volunteer and Other Websites

The District provides many programs and services which may require or provide online enrollment or registration through the website. In this context, the District may collect personally identifying information from a user, including name, address, telephone number and other related personal data, in order to enroll a participant in a program and contact the user or participant, if necessary. Such information is specifically and knowingly provided by the user, and the District considers such information private to the extent protected by law, and the District shall not affirmatively provide this information to the general public, including third parties for direct mail or advertising purposes. The District needs this information for enrollment of a participant in a program. While providing this information is voluntary, failure to provide the necessary information may result in the participant not being able to enroll in the requested program. The information a user provides may be disclosed to: persons authorized to have access to the information under state or federal law; persons authorized by court order to have access to the information; persons to whom you have given written consent to have access to the information; and all individuals employed by or entities under contract with the District who have a need and a right to know the information in order to administer, manage and improve District programs and services.

The District has contracted with websites that meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards on processing and encrypting credit card data. The District does not retain any credit card data submitted through the website or District’s affiliate sites used for processing credit card payments.

The District’s web servers contain current industry-standard security precautions and protections to prevent personal information from being stolen or tampered with. The District limits employee access to personally identifiable information to only those employees who need access to perform a specific job. All employees are regularly informed regarding the District’s security and privacy practices.

Use of Digital Cookies

A cookie is a digital footprint that assigns a unique identification to an individual’s computer, which can be used to track clicks and browsing on internet websites a user visits. Cookies gather information from a user’s computer, and are sometimes used to gather information such as shopping preferences for marketing purposes. The District does not use cookies to retrieve personal information about a user from his or her computer. The District reserves the right to use and implement cookies to facilitate and manage the use of its website.

Protection of Children

The District is committed to the protection of children’s online privacy. The collection of information pertaining to children, such as online registration forms for Parks and Recreation programs, is used solely for registration purposes. Registration forms are intended to be completed by adults only, and the District strives to protect personal information about minors which may be provided through the District’s website.

The District’s website does not solicit information directly from children. However, if information is volunteered by children through these services, this information will be treated in similar manner to information provided by an adult, and may become a public record that is subject to public access. Parents are advised to discuss privacy concerns with their children, and to supervise their children when they are providing personally identifiable information online.

Links to Other Websites

The District website contains links to other sites. The District has no control over these external websites, and is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of the external websites. The District Privacy Statement does not apply to any websites other than the District website. Links to external websites are provided as a convenience, and users are encouraged to examine the privacy policies and terms of use of those websites.

Email Communication

The District website allows users to send emails. The District will use the information supplied for response only and will only send general information in reply. The District strongly recommends that users do not send sensitive PII (Personably Identifiable Information) via email. If the intended email communication is sensitive, the District recommends sending by U.S. mail or personal delivery, or by calling the District directly.