Board of Directors

Five Board Directors in front of the Cosumnes CSD offices

The Board of Directors (Board) is the governing body of the Cosumnes Community Services District (District). The Board is responsible for formulating and approving policies for the operation, control, administration, and planning of the District’s facilities and activities.

The Board shall be comprised of five duly-elected or appointed residents. The Directors shall be elected or appointed by-division in five single-member divisions as defined in Government Code Section 61025. Each Director shall be elected to a term of four years, unless appointed or elected to serve a remaining term. Termination of residency in a division by a Director shall create an immediate vacancy for that division. At the beginning of each year, the Board selects from its members a President and Vice-President to serve during the ensuing year.

Contact the Board

Correspondence for any of the Board Directors may be sent in care of the Cosumnes CSD’s Administrative Services Department at 8820 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, CA 95624.

Send a Message Online

Send a Message to the Board of Directors through an online form. 

Public Official Appointments

California Form 806 is used to report additional compensation that officials receive when appointing themselves to positions on committees, boards, or commissions of another public agency or to a committee or position of the agency of which the public official is a member. This form is required pursuant to the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Regulation 18702.5. 

View a current list of District Public Appointments (PDF).

Division-Based Elections

In early 2019, Cosumnes CSD explored the option to change to a division-based electoral system for selecting Directors of the Board. On November 6, 2019, the Board adopted Resolution No. 2019-87, A Resolution of the Cosumnes Community Services District Establishing a By-Division Election Process Pursuant to California Elections Code Section 10010. The Board approved Draft Plan D Map. 

For more information about the transition process, please visit the Division-Based Elections page.