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The mission of the Cosumnes CSD Partnerships Division is to empower, inspire, and strengthen public and private partners to create, promote, sustain, and expand innovative and inclusive services to Elk Grove’s diverse population. Learn more about the Cosumnes CSD.

Why Partner with the Cosumnes CSD?

Community partners are vital in connecting Elk grove residents to resources, people, and programs. Cosumnes CSD values these organizations and supports them through our Equipment Use Grants and Equitable Partnership Program. These programs offer access to equipment, facility space, and services in trade for benefit to the community.

Partnership Opportunities

The Cosumnes CSD is currently accepting applications for the following partnership opportunities.

Equitable Partnerships

Cosumnes CSD recognizes the work of organizations and businesses within our local community, by offering partnership opportunities. Through the Equitable Partnership program, the District is able to provide facility space, community programming, presentations, and more. In return, our partners provide guest lectures, teach classes, assist at special events, and provide support through volunteer projects within our programs, parks, and trails.

Large Events or Rentals 

Interested in hosting a large-scale special event at one of our parks or facilities?

Events or Rentals

This application will guide you through the process of insurance required, permits needed, gathering event maps, timelines and more.

For more information about these programs, or for assistance with completing an application, please contact Elizabeth Rhoan at (916) 405-5334.