Sport Facilities

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Cosumnes CSD offers the rental of outdoor sport fields and courts, tournament parks, and a gymnasium. Contact staff at 916-405-5600 for additional information or questions. 

Rental Forms

Rental applications are required to be submitted 7 to 10 days prior to the date of interest. All submitted inquiries will be reviewed within 72 hours of submission. Approved permits will not be issued until an application has been filled out and payment has been made.

The following forms are required for renting any sport facility:

Outdoor Sport Amenities

  • Contact staff at 916-405-5600 to inquire about a specific field or court. 
  • Visit our Park Listing page to see a listing of our parks.
  • See the Activity Guide for a chart listing of parks and their amenities. 

Tournament Sports Parks

The following park sites are available to reserve on weekends for tournaments. Contact staff at 916-405-5600 for additional information .


  • Wackford Community Complex, 9014 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove, CA 95758 (map)
  • 10,852 square foot gymnasium has the option of being used as 1 full-sized basketball court, 2 youth sized basketball courts or 1 to 3 volleyball courts. 
  • Dividing curtain can be utilized when multiple courts are in use at the same time. 
  • Bleachers offer seating for approximately 300 spectators when the full-size basketball court is in use. 
  • Gym is available for athletic rentals only and can be divided into 4 sections for the purpose of using individual baskets.


Cosumnes Community Services District has set aside FREE play time at Bartholomew Sports Park (BSP) for all to enjoy. This is an opportunity for community members to access our most desirable athletic facility in an unstructured setting. In addition to many physical health benefits, unstructured play time encourages social skills, well-being, and teamwork. Free Play will include access to one multi-purpose synthetic field at BSP during designated time slots.


  • BSP 2: January - June, Sundays 5-9:30 pm

Community Agreement for Free Play at BSP

In order for Free Play to be successful we need everyone to work together to foster a safe, fun and fair environment at all times. We have set forth basic do’s and don’ts to abide by.


  • Exercise
  • Move at your own pace
  • Connect with community members
  • Be respectful of others
  • Make space for multiple activities
  • Play safe, have fun, and be fair!


  • Interfere with other users
  • Break park rules
  • Exclude others from using the facility
  • Engage in unsafe activities such as batting, playing too close to others, and roughhousing
  • Endanger others