Parks & Recreation Department


At Cosumnes CSD, we provide exceptional parks and recreation services to our diverse Elk Grove community.


An inclusive and connected park, recreation, and trails system that delivers opportunities for health and wellness, social interaction, and delight to the Elk Grove community.

What We Do

  • Maintain over 90 parks, 1,000 acres of parks, corridors, creeks and trails.
  • Offer more than 500 annual recreation programs through our seasonal Activity Guide.
  • Organizes special events annually.
  • Offer facilities and park spaces for rental.
  • Create partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

Who We Are

Recreation and Community Services Division

Recreation and Community Services Division is responsible for all District recreation activities including the Districts recreation facilities, community and aquatic centers, preschools, afterschool programs, summer camps, adaptive and inclusive recreation programs, special events, sports, aquatics, and volunteers

Park and Golf Operations Division

Park and Golf Operations Division includes all land management activities at parks, streetscapes, trails, Emerald Lakes Golf Course and other owned greenspaces. As well as, facility maintenance for aquatic centers, spraygrounds, and sports centers. Park and Golf Operations is divided into four units: Asset Management, West Sector, East Sector, and South Sector, which includes the City of Elk Grove contract and Emerald Lakes Goff Course.

Our Goals

The Parks and Recreation Department is committed to meeting goals and initiatives as outlined in the recent Master Plan and Strategic Plan (PDF).

Goal 1: Meeting the Needs of Our Growing Community

Create responsive programs, parks and facilities for Elk Grove’s diverse and growing community.

Goal 2: Revitalizing & Developing Community Spaces

Strengthen parks and recreation facilities for future generations.

Goal 3: Enhancing Community Connections

Foster collaborative partnerships that leverage strengths and resources to enhance recreation experiences.

Goal 4: Ensuring A Sustainable Parks & Recreation System

Allocate staff and resources based on sound operational practices to ensure long-term operation and maintainability.