Urban Forest

Cosumnes CSD takes a proactive approach to managing its urban forest of 46,000 trees. The District maintains a regular pruning and inspection schedule for trees and works closely with an arborist to promote the best possible health of trees at its facilities. Arborists are tree specialists who use their education, knowledge, training, and experience to examine trees, recommend measures to enhance the beauty and health of trees, and attempt to reduce the risk of living and recreating near trees.

Trees can be managed, but they cannot be controlled. To live and recreate near trees is to accept some degree of risk. The District strives to mitigate that risk to the fullest extent possible with regular pruning and inspections. Occasionally, the only way for the District to comfortably mitigate the risk of tree or limb failure is to remove the tree.

As part of the District's urban forestry management program, regular plantings occur between fall and early spring each year in anticipation of future tree failures, and in response to past failures. While the replacement trees will be smaller initially, they will continue to add to the enjoyment and health of our community for generations to come.

A tree in bloom at Del Meyer.