Benefit Zone 8 - Other Rural

Benefit Zone Information

Benefit Zone 8 – Other Rural, encompasses the rural homes east of Waterman Road and Bradshaw Road and the Laguna Ridge area. 

The Other Rural Benefit Zone was created for property owners to contribute to the cost of District Wide facilities when they do not have a nexus benefit of local or neighborhood parks nearby. In the Laguna Ridge area, the City of Elk Grove instituted a Community Facilities District (CFD) fee to fund the park and corridor construction and maintenance. The CFD is separate from the Other Rural Benefit Zone Assessment fee. 

The Other Rural Benefit Zone includes 0.8 acres of streetscapes on Bond Road. Laguna Ridge parks are not included in the Other Rural Benefit Zone since these parks are funded through the City Park Fee Program and CFD.


Listed below are the projects staff anticipate completing in Fiscal Year 2022-2023. Projects are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen budgetary changes.

  • Landscape renovations to replace missing or poor performing plants resulting in beautified community landscape areas as needed.

Benefit Zone 8 - Laguna Ridge

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Benefit Zone 8 - Other Rural

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