Storm Water Management Plan

The Program

The Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) has been authorized by the California Water Quality Control Board and the federal government to conduct a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program at its properties and facilities.

The Goal

Reduce or eliminate storm water pollution.

Eliminate The Use Of Pyrethroids

  • Understanding Pyrethoids - This group of insecticides is harmful to freshwater wildlife and can injure or kill plant and animals. They are highly toxic to fish, and dissolve poorly in water. Additionally, these chemicals can effect fertility, the immune system, cardiovascular and hepatic metabolism in humans.
  • Pyrethroid Insecticides -  You can make a difference! The Department of Pesticide Regulation determined that use restrictions on outdoor residential use is the most effective opportunity to substantially reduce pyrethroids in California water bodies.  Look at the labels of pesticide products, and beware of allethrin, resmethrin, permethrin, cyfluthrin or esfenvalerate, or other chemicals that end with end in either -thrin or -ate.

How You Can Help

  • Don’t Litter - Litter like plastic bottles, fast food wrappers and cups tossed on the ground in your parks can carry germs and bacteria. If they end up in our storm drains, they pollute our waterways.
  • Report Illegal Dumping - If you see someone dumping trash in one of your Cosumnes CSD parks, or an undeveloped site of a future park, immediately call our 24-hour maintenance hotline at 916-405-5688.
  • Pick Up After Your Pet - Pet waste contains disease-carrying bacteria that can pollute our drinking water. When you’re in a Cosumnes CSD park, on a trail or along a roadside corridor, pick up after your pet and remind others to do the same.
  • Put Your Butt in the Trash - If you’re a smoker, always put your extinguished cigarette butts in the trash. Left on the ground, they can end up in our rivers and lakes.
  • Mind the Drains - Pay attention to what goes into the storm drains in and around our Cosumnes CSD parks, trails and corridors. If it’s down the drain, it’s in the environment.

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