Recreation & Community Services Division

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The Parks & Recreation Department vision is to offer an inclusive and connected park, recreation, and trails system that delivers opportunities for health and wellness, social interaction, and delight to the Elk Grove community. The department strives to achieve this vision by meeting the needs of the growing community, revitalizing and developing community spaces, enhancing community connections, and ensuring a sustainable parks and recreation system. 

The Recreation and Community Services Division is responsible for offering diverse programs such as special events, preschools, summer camps, teen programs, special interest classes, before- and after-school recreation, non-traditional sports, therapeutic recreation, youth and adult sports, and aquatic programming. 

  • Adaptive and Inclusive programs
  • After School programs
  • Aquatics
  • Community Centers
  • Preschools
  • Recreation facilities
  • Special Events
  • Sports
  • Summer camps
  • Teen programs
  • Volunteers