Youth Tennis

Tennis ball and racquet

Beginner Tennis Level

Introductory class focusing on learning the ready position, proper grip and stroke development and basic footwork. Class will introduce forehands, backhands, volleys, serves and overheads. Designed for beginners as a safe and fun way to be introduced to a sport they can play for a lifetime.

  • Little Aces - Level 1 - Ages 6-9
  • Junior Aces - Level 2 - Ages 8-12
  • Teen Aces - Level 3 - Ages 11-15

Experienced Tennis Level

Six (6) part class focusing on advanced strategy, positioning, anticipation, court coverage, pattern recognition, and dealing with match-specific specific situations. Previous tennis experience highly recommended.

  • Experienced Aces - Level 4 - Ages 11-18


  • Oasis Park
  • Bartholomew Sports Park