Measure E: Elk Grove's Public Safety & Quality of Life

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About Measure E

On November 8, 2022, Elk Grove voters approved Measure E with 30,434 (54.3%) yes votes and 25,611 (45.7%) no votes, enacting a one-cent local sales tax to help address services the community identified as important. Funds will be shared between the City of Elk Grove and Cosumnes CSD as defined by an approved Tax Sharing Agreement between the agencies.

Citizen's Oversight Committee

The City of Elk Grove City Council created the Measure E Citizens' Oversight Committee to review the revenue and expenditures of funds from the general Transactions and Use (“Sales”) Tax known as Elk Grove’s Safety and Quality of Life Measure E. Learn More

Community Identified Needs And Priorities

  • Fire Protection Services
    • Improve 911 emergency response times to ensure that calls for service meet national standards.
  • Maintaining Parks
    • Maintain and repair public bathrooms, landscaping, sports fields, deteriorating playgrounds and equipment, including security lighting to keep play spaces clean and safe for children and families.
  • Reducing Crime and Improving Emergency Response
    • Provide additional public safety resources to keep our neighborhoods safe and reduce crime. Increase neighborhood police patrols, ensure the Police Department is attracting, retaining, and adequately equipping public safety professionals, and pursue new, innovative approaches to reducing crime.
  • Addressing Homelessness
    • Provide resources to address mental health, substance abuse, and job training needs while ensuring our local businesses, residential neighborhoods, and public areas are safe and secure for everyone.
  • Enhancing Programs to Combat Youth Crime and Gang Prevention
    • Fund property and violent crime investigation and prevention, and address crimes related to youth and gangs including supporting after-school recreational and enrichment programs to keep youth actively engaged and supported for a bright future.
  • Maintaining Streets and Improving Traffic
    • Maintain pothole repair and enhance major roads to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion for the safety of all drivers, bikers, and pedestrians, including safe routes for school kids walking or biking.
  • Clean and Safe Public Areas
    • Keep public areas safe and clean for community members as well as visitors. Implement programs that directly impact visual blight as well as ensure a safe community for all.
  • Economic Development
    • Attract and retain local businesses and jobs to ensure a robust local economy.

Budget Initiatives

Twenty percent (20%) of the funds generated annually will be saved in a reserve to fund future priority projects. The 80% remaining will be split between the City and Cosumnes CSD. The agreement specifies Cosumnes CSD’s share, with two-thirds for fire protection services and one-third for parks and recreation services. Cosumnes CSD's Measure E Fund expenditures include personnel, service and supplies, capital outlay for improving emergency response times, maintaining safe and clean public areas, and youth gang/crime prevention.

Clean and Safe Public Areas

  • Safe Parks
    • The addition of one full-time Park Ranger will continue the much-needed expansion of Park Ranger services.
  • Urban Forest Management
    • An additional full-time Urban Forest Manager will help the District develop and execute a comprehensive plan focused on developing and enhancing shade throughout parks, trails, and streetscapes.  
  • Tree Protection
    • Funding will be dedicated to preserving and protecting historically significant trees throughout Elk Grove for future generations to enjoy. 

Reducing Crime and Improving Emergency Response

  • Additional 15 Safety Personnel and an Academy
    • After completing a State-accredited academy, current and new personnel will be assigned to resources to improve response times, increase the required fire force for emergency incidents, and ensure effective command/control and management of emergency resources.  
  • Technology and Software Enhancements
    • Station Alerting improvements, Traffic Alerting improvements, and updated Incident Management Software will replace aging systems, improve traffic flow and contribute to improving response times, and manage emergency incidents.
  • Fire Station Improvements and Equipment
    • Improving access and facilities at headquarters and Fire Stations 73 and 75 will address driving and safety issues. Fully outfitting the newest Tractor-Drawn Aerial Fire Apparatus will ensure it is ready to be placed in service once it is received. New lightweight emergency vehicles will contribute to improving response times and managing emergency incidents.
  • Full-Time Non-Safety Personnel 
    • One additional Mechanic I will help ensure the District’s fleet is in working order to meet the community’s expectations as calls increase and apparatus/vehicles age.
  • Staff Training Enhancements
    • An updated training plan will allow personnel to attend training off-shift instead of placing them out of service for training sessions to ensure on-duty personnel are available for emergency response within their respective response areas. 
  • Fire Explorer Program
    • This youth program will support the enhancement of programs to inspire future firefighters and combat youth crime and gang prevention.

Maintaining Parks

  • Irrigation Infrastructure Upgrade
    • Modernizing the irrigation communication hubs and protecting the District’s vast landscape assets will assure optimum connectivity throughout the community and integrate water efficiency practices.
  • Enhances Sidewalk and Trail Surfaces
    • A proactive sidewalk inspection and repair program will ensure prompt response to potential hazards and sustain the program into the future. 
  • Revitalization of Aging Parks Infrastructure
    • Repairing or replacing aging park assets such as shade structures, sports courts, pool slides, and playground structures will ensure generational equity and allow our park amenities to be enjoyed for generations.   
  • Equitable Park Maintenance
    • Improving and sustaining the appearance of parks with frequent mowing, tree pruning, and irrigation repairs will provide enjoyment and value for all residents.

Enhancing Programs to Combat Youth Crime and Gang Prevention

  • Youth Outreach Coordinator
    • A full-time Youth Outreach Coordinator and various part-time staff will further assist the District in mitigating youth crime as well as providing positive out-of-school-time programs.
  • Youth and Teen Programs and Events
    • Free and reduced-fee programs and activities for at-risk youth and teens will allow for greater participation Elk Grove youth and will limit idle time youth might have outside of school.   
  • Teen Trips and Outings
    • Recreational and educational trips, such as local college campus tours and amusement park field trips, will expose teens to new experiences and higher educational opportunities.  
  • Scholarship Program
    • Scholarships will offer participants a variety of safe, fun, and educational district activities, sports, and events without cost serving as a barrier.

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