Elk Grove Park Wildlife Protection

Be Kind, Don’t Feed the Birds

Elk Grove Park Lake is home to a wide variety of ducks, geese and other waterfowl. These animals are enjoyed by thousands of park visitors every year, and many people bring food to feed them. Unfortunately, this simple pastime is actually very bad for the birds.

Human foods, such as bread, chips, and crackers, lack the nutrients birds need to stay healthy, and can lead to serious health conditions. Birds that routinely eat human foods can develop a deformity, known as angel wing, and lose their ability to fly.

Here are a few ways to enjoy birds without feeding them:

  • Sketch, paint or take a photograph.
  • Document your observations in a bird watching journal.

Remember to be kind, don’t feed the birds.

Partners for Parks

Consider joining Partners for Parks if you would like to help protect Elk Grove Park Lake and the wildlife that lives there.

Fishing Schedule

You may fish during normal park operating hours, from March 1 – November 30.

Fishing Regulations

The following regulations are in effect at Elk Grove Park Lake:

  • You may fish during normal park operating hours, from March 1 – November 30.
  • Fishing is prohibited on the same calendar day as any fish plant.
  • All applicable California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) regulations will be enforced.
  • You must have a valid fishing license if you are 16 years of age or older.
  • You must exhibit, on demand, a fishing license to any peace officer, authorized CDFW employee or Cosumnes Community Services District (District) employee.
  • Fish may be taken with no more than one closely-attended rod and line per angler.
  • Only single-point barbless hooks may be used.
  • Artificial lures are prohibited.
  • All fishing tackle must be lead free.
  • You must exhibit, on demand, all fish and any device or apparatus capable of being used to take them, to any peace officer, authorized CDFW or District employee.
  • You may not consume alcohol while fishing.
  • Daily bag and possession limit of 5 fish per angler.
  • Please report all injured wildlife, maintenance and security issues to the Park Maintenance Hotline (916) 405-5688.

Community Input & Staff Recommendations

To date, the Cosumnes CSD has received an abundance of feedback related to improvements to Elk Grove Park wildlife health and safety, and improvements to fishing practices at the park. Cosumnes CSD Staff has used all of this input to create a comprehensive Wildlife Protection Plan. 

More information may be found on the Cosumnes CSD Board of Directors approved Staff Report (PDF) from October 16, 2019.