Office of the General Manager

The Office of the General Manager acts as liaison between District staff and Board Members, the media, the County, the City of Elk Grove, the City of Galt, other special districts, and the community. In addition, staff seek revenue, donations and in-kind support to support District programs and facilities to offset the demand on the General Fund.


The General Manager is responsible for implementing the policies of the District Board of Directors, providing leadership for all District Departments, and managing the District’s day-to-day operations including: 

  • Planning, organizing, managing, leading and directing the overall operations of the District;
  • Planning the short, medium and long-term work program for the District;
  • Leading the District Executive Management team in the preparation of the budget, control of expenditures, short and long-term financial strategies and inventory control; and
  • Maintaining effective communications with community partners, other governmental agencies, and the business community.

The Office of the General Manager consists of the General Manager, District Counsel, Assistant to the General Manager/Clerk of the Board, and support staff.