Cosumnes CSD Strategic Plan

The 2021 Cosumnes CSD Strategic Plan is a culminating effort to connect the various agency strategic and master plans, which reflect input from various stakeholders including District residents, District Board of Directors, Fire Department and Park and Recreation Department advocates, and our dedicated personnel.

The Board of Directors initiated the strategic planning process in the second quarter of 2019 in order to provide clear direction on prioritization of District resources and initiatives. Through the process the Board of Directors identified five core values, which intend to drive future objectives, initiatives, and most importantly day-to-day decision making throughout all aspects of the organization. 

This plan holds the mission, vision, values, objectives, and initiatives of our District, and will serve as a guiding document for moving forward to implementation and continuous improvement. Success of the Strategic Plan will be a team effort between the Board of Directors, District personnel, and the community. 

2021 Cosumnes CSD Strategic Plan (PDF)

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