Park Dedication In-Lieu Fees

Pursuant to Government Code Section 66477 and City of Elk Grove Municipal Code (EGMC) Chapter 22.40, a developer is required to dedicate at least five acres of park land per 1,000 residents.  This is known as a Quimby dedication.  As an alternative to the dedication of land a developer may provide in-lieu fees equal to the value of their required Quimby dedication, known as Quimby In-Lieu Fees. The determination of whether fees or land is required is dependent on the land use identified in the General Plan.  

The Cosumnes Community Services District and City of Elk Grove work together with developers with the application and appraisal process for park dedication in-lieu fees.

Please contact the City of Elk Grove directly for projects located within the following areas:

  • Southeast Policy Area
  • Laguna Ridge Specific Plan

Process & Application

Review the instructions and complete the CCSD Quimby Application form (PDF).


Cosumnes CSD Plan Checks and Inspections

The Cosumnes Community Services District performs plan checks for park development and building inspections. 

Fire Department Plan Checks

Parks & Recreation Department Plan Checks