Request a Gift Basket

Cosumnes Community Services District supports local organizations and schools in the Elk Grove and Galt community. The District's mission, vision, and goals may be promoted and advanced through gift baskets' charitable giving to community organizations. The District follows District Policy, Charitable Giving (PDF), to determine whether or not to consider fulfilling a donation request. 

If your organization or school is seeking a donated gift basket from the District, and meet the District's principles:


Community partners are vital in connecting Elk grove residents to resources, people, and programs. Cosumnes CSD values these organizations and supports them through our Equipment Use Grants and Equitable Partnership Program. These programs offer access to equipment, facility space, and services in trade for benefit to the community. Learn more about Partnerships.

Donate Toys

Toy Drive

Annually, the Cosumnes Fire Department partners with the City of Elk Grove in an annual toy drive during the holiday season. Follow the Cosumnes Fire Department Facebook page (external) to see the most recent updates. 

Donate Your Time as a Volunteer

Cosumnes Community Services District offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers with various skills and abilities. Volunteers can assist at special events, help at the Elk Grove Bike Park, become a Partner for Parks, or participate in landscape improvement projects. Learn more about how to volunteer.

Donate to the Cosumnes Legacy Foundation

Cosumnes Legacy Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to further a legacy of community enrichment through the support of parks, recreation, fire protection, and emergency medical care. The organization has several ways to accept funds for its many projects. Learn more at